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Why Practice Yoga?

There are many reasons to practice yoga, from physical well-being to mental clarity. The practice of yoga is about mind, body, and presence. Our yoga practice allows us to center and focus which allows us to sharpen our minds. While the stretching and movement are great for helping us become more limber and toned, it is the entire practice that helps our whole being.

Our yoga practice seeks to define the present moment and help ground our consciousness. Our breath, awareness, and movement funnel our energies which allows for our mind to clear and become focused. This is not an easy task! It is something that we can spend our whole lives practicing and only find moments of true meaningful clarity.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not a naturally present person, humans aren't, in general. While it may be easy for me to set goals for the future and think about manifesting a dream, it's far too easy for me to get stuck in a feeling or emotion not in the present. Through my daily yoga practice, I have learned how to turn worry into compassion, find strength when faced with challenges, and to embrace the present moment. Leading fellow yogis is my passion and my dream! I receive such joy assisting others in their yoga journey, watching incremental changes to their practice while increasing mobility, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Our yoga practice requires us to remain alert to our bodies changes. As we discuss in class our bodies are different each and every day. The changes in our body are ever present but the truth of the matter is our mind can often misinterpret what the body is experiencing. One truth remains, the body does not hide any of the issues it is experiencing! For example, if we worked hard out in the yard and our shoulders are aching...our body tells us.

Yoga employs the practice of awareness to bring the mind into the present. Rather than dictating actions to the body, our yoga practice teaches us to focus the mind, how to listen to our body’s needs, and to accept what is without judgment or expectation.

Join me on the mat as we explore what our bodies have to offer as we move through our practice and how to center our mind. I love you like crazy and am thankful for you daily!

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