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Wintertime Yoga

Winter can be a hard time of year for a lot of people. Especially winters like we have here in Wisconsin. The lack of sun and warmth tends to keep us cooped up indoors, and in a sort of stagnated state. It often becomes too easy when the temps drop to avoid doing the things that our body needs, like exercise, fresh air, and mindfulness. At Dirty Feet Yoga, we can relate to those struggles and know that yoga is a powerful tool to use against inertia.

The chances are high that cold weather makes you feel sluggish, or slow even. Something as simple as warming your muscles up with yoga can:

  • Reduce stiffness

  • Increase circulation

  • And build up heat from your inside

In addition to inertia, winter comes hand-in-hand with illness. There’s a correlation here; regular exercise is knows to strengthen immune systems, helping the body fight off cold and flu viruses that often frequent the air this time of year. So while you may have gotten your flu shot, give yourself the extra booster of physical activity, even as simple as yoga 2-3 times a week.

Our environments have a lot to do with how we feel. In the winter, our days are severely shortened by the quickly setting sun and the torment of leaving a warm bed in the morning. If you find it harder and harder to leave your covers in the morning, or to stay active and alert once the sun sets, incorporate yoga into your routine to naturally boost your energy.

Another downside to winter (not that we need any more…) is we tend to be more open to overindulging during the colder months of the year. You aren’t alone if you fit this category. Shed any guilt you may be feeling by balancing your indulgences with calorie-burning vinyasa flow, core and flow, or hot yoga classes.

Seasons are ever changing. Before we know it (hopefully), spring will be in full bloom, and shortly after summer will blast away any memories of the polar vortex. So, as the world changes around you, time spent on a yoga mat can become a consistent source of comfort and release.

Being able to rely on yoga practice promotes a mental clarity, sense of security and strength, and a healthy balance. No matter what it is that’s changing in your life, remember that yoga focuses on the body and mind creating an inner peace, and is great for all stages of the seasons or life.

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