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The Power of Yoga...And The Moon!

Practicing Yoga has the power to bring us closer to, and more in tune with, our own rhythms and cycles, and those of nature. Like all things containing water (humans are approximately 70% water), we are all affected by the phases of the moon. Allowing ourselves to honor and incorporate lunar cycles, we can learn to enjoy life in greater harmony, and take advantage of the energy available to us from our celestial guide.

Have you ever found that you are having trouble sleeping for a few nights in a row? Or feel extra emotional, exhausted or overwhelmed for no apparent reason? Chances are your body and mind are tuning into the energy cycles of the moon. As our closest celestial neighbor, the moon has a powerful influence over every living thing on our planet. The moon, due to how close it is to the earth, has a great gravitational pull - more so than the sun….just think about the effect on ocean tides and Lake Michigan fluctuations. As discussed in many of my classes, we may find changes in our balancing ability during a full moon, that is why we often practice moon salutations or “Chandra Namaskara”.

Tuning in to the various cycles of the moon’s energy assists us with focus and what to be mindful of. For instance, during a full moon, the energy is high which can impact our emotions making us edgier or prone to anger… but, knowing this allows us to center and breathe! The next full moon occurs on Tuesday, February, 19th, so now is the perfect time to begin a mindful yoga practice! Taking note of the various moon cycles…new moon, waning, waxing, and the full moon will assist us with processing and channeling our energies better.

As mentioned previously, practicing Yoga brings us much closer to fully understanding ourselves as well as the impact that nature can have on our physical and our mental state. Regular yoga practice with Dirty Feet Yoga Instructors will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how nature influences our bodies and minds. Our technically trained and well-practiced teachers regularly discuss how the different seasons, moon and sun phases affect our entire being from head to toe! See you in the studio!

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